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ECOSERV, a new metaprogramme directly linked to agroecology

ECOSERV researchers will establish a scientific basis for assessing the services provided by agroecosystems, optimise them through the regional distribution of activities and propose public policy instruments. Examining all of these services, as well as synergies and incongruities, represents a significant paradigm shift in the relationship between agriculture and the environment: now, in addition to minimising the effects of agriculture, the goal is to manage natural resources in an integrated way which includes all stakeholders.

PAYSAGE  agricole du  MORVAN  vu du mont Beuvray (Nièvre).. © INRA, PAILLARD Gérard
Updated on 10/21/2014
Published on 10/21/2014

A key goal of this metaprogramme will be to develop tools and models that are suited to the complexity of managing agroecosystems in an unstable context. Support will be provided by modelling platforms: RECORD for the functioning of agroecosystems, and MEANS for multi-criteria assessment. Researchers in the metaprogramme will participate in several networks, such as IPBES (1), an international project created in 2012, and EFESE(2) (in French) in France.

(1) IPBES: Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.

(2) EFESE: French assessment of ecosystems and ecosystemic services.